Comparison of 2 concerts

The Tamron mm features slightly longer max focal length, so if you favor the telephoto end for portraits and similar work, you'll benefit from this reach.

The disparate elements occasionally failed to gel - La La's sitar lacked tonal variety and came across better on solos than as accompaniment, while Skerik spent too much time using distortion pedals to sound like a rock guitarist - but the solid rhythmic foundation kept most of the tunes together even during extended jams "One Better".

Batten also over-emoted badly on the one vocal number, an unimaginative rewrite of " Crossroads. The orchestra, however, uses string instruments. Quirky and quasi-competent, the act will probably never make it out of Southern California but is a joy to watch.

Local boys Anthrax seemed to be having the most fun, exemplified by recently returned vocalist Joey Belladonna running around in a Native American headdress during "Indians" and guitarist Scott Ian rubbing salt in Mets fans' wounds. Berry has long developed a reputation for desultory, unrehearsed live appearances, and Richard had sounded bored with his early hits as far back as a live album.

Plus the fill-in band was more than competent Alex on bass, Steve on keyboards; I have no idea who they are. Don't expect anything original or challenging, stay out of fights with the aging-biker crowd, and you'll have a great time. It didn't help that there were no vocals other than throat-singing by Levin on one tune, and that all the material was from the assorted band member's recent solo and collaborative albums; the closest thing to a hit was Levin's inadvertent lifting of the " Kashmir " synth line on one song.

But just when you think she's lost her train of thought, she'll knock your socks off with a flawless rendition of a Celia Cruz medley.

Opener Godsmack played the same loud midtempo rocker eight times in a row, or so it seemed, preferring to bang out one chord in simple syncopated rhythms rather than construct actual riffs; although the crowd seemed to know the songs they didn't get much of a reaction, and I frequently had to remind myself that it's very impolite to scream "You suck.

Amos has one of the most devoted fan bases around, and it's not hard to see why: It's not every day you can walk into a bar and hear live music with both sophistication and visceral power, without a cover charge or even a drink minimum.


The question is, are you willing to shell out a few dollars more for these tweaks. That made it the most head-banging show I've seen in years.

Meanwhile, Bruford's blinding speed, precise mastery of his tuned acoustic drums, and amazing ability to handle even the most obscure time signatures proved once again that he has no match in the rock world. Through the entire show the amateur musicians gave an outstanding performance.

The one surprise in the set was a cover of Steve Winwood 's "Higher Love" Khan had sung backing vocals on the original redone with a reggae feel.

Image courtesy of NASA. It was truly an exciting performance. Well, if the YI 2 better suit your needs, then it could be a good investment. Shcholkine is a new town built in to house workers of the planned Crimean nuclear power plant. The piece started with an African beat provided by the percussion, bass, and piano.

Boeing or DC-9 aircraft at one nautical mile ft before landing 97 dB ; power mower 96 dB ; motorcycle at 25 ft 90 dB. His technical command of the instrument was astounding. Meanwhile, Angry didn't disappear into the background but stepped up with some striking reinventions "My Funny Valentine"though without diverting focus from the vocalist.

Garbage disposal, dishwasher, average factory, freight train at 15 meters.

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Despite the sloppiness and the shortness of the set, I thoroughly enjoyed it; Casady's rumbling, free-form playing is a wonder to behold, and it's hard to beat the magic of standing almost within arm's-length of two musical heroes from days long gone.

Clinton himself was more intense than usual, giving an high-voltage performance of the political "US Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog," and getting really angry at one point. The first half focused on his heavier, percussion-driven, hiphop-influenced, more danceable material, with Beck only playing a Danelectro guitar and other incidental instruments.

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It's worth noting here that both lenses feature built-in motors in the Nikon version, so they're fully usable with all of Nikon's DSLRs.

This hotspot disappears when the lens is stopped down or zoomed in. Paul Stanley, who sang most of the leads when he wasn't flying above the crowd on a wire, has enough energy to shame frontmen half his age, a surprisingly agile and flexible voice, and a stage presence that manages to be macho and unassuming at once.

She only played two songs from her new release, relying mostly on hits and album cuts from the late 60s and 70s, and her voice was wonderful, better than it's sounded on disc in ages.

You might wonder Tamron bothers to add this locking switch at all, until you zoom the lens from 28mm to 75mm. They continued with another Hancock standard, "Canteloupe Island," and they nailed that one too - by now most of the curiosity seekers had wandered away, and the audience was predominately appreciative jazz fans.

It wasn't just nostalgia that kept the audience captivated during her piano set she spent most of the evening on guitar: Dave Mason actually sounds better now than he did in the 70s, when he let his pop leanings get the better of him.

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The only trouble here is that we're cheapskates, and won't usually go to a show unless we're pretty sure we'll like what we hear, thus skewing the ratings upwards. Time is weighing a bit more heavily on Berry, as he occasionally seemed to forget what he was playing and brought several of his tunes to abrupt conclusions.

DBW Oh, and there's another reason for the weird selection of artists: They also did an encore; not counting the dead air, they played for about two hours, which is damn good for a free show.

The band's excuse was saving Corey Glover's voice for a show in Hollywood the next night - what an insult to the local crowd which I admit was very thin. Noise is a sound that disturbs or harms.

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I won't comment on the great music, nor details about their contents, just general sound quality. I often get asked about alternatives to the expensive pro lenses from Canon and Nikon. As I rely on the standard f/ midrange zoom for much of my work, I thought that I'd take the time to look at some popular third-party options: the Tamron mm f/ and the Sigma mm f/ zooms.


Comparison of 2 concerts
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