Rhodia paper

And there's some fabulous shading going on there too. Notes Dot Pad I like the Dot pattern where a series of dotes for a line, and in essence a grid, rather than the solid grid.

Get notifications of new posts right to your inbox. The Rhodia Group has 18 sites spread across the United States. They are linked by a line to show that the brothers work together.

It remains unchanged to this day. If you look back at my review of the J. Front cover Back cover There is the Rhodia logo blind embossed in the middle of the cover picture from Pocketnotebooks.

The writing experience is good and there are lots of pages to the book.

Clairefontaine paper mills

Together, they made a powerful duo. Sustainable development criteria are taken into consideration for these materials right from the design phase.

I think that many people are probably familiar with the bright orange and black colors associated with the Rhodia brand, and I really love the stark contrast that it creates when the notebook still has its wrapper covering it.

The papers have a very fine smooth perforation so pulling a sheet of paper out to leave with a note for someone is effortless and it does not have a torn-out-of-a-book look. It is the writing that is seen, and the dots are just there, ever so visible in the background.

Complete with an iconic bright orange cover and smooth Clairefontaine paper cut from sustainable forests in France, these pads are a favorite of artists and designers alike.

Back pocket So, what's the paper like. The Rhodia pad is considered a professional tool because of its ease of use and durability. This causes the acidic paper to degrade and lose its integrity. Cool office supplies are always more fun than that.

They focus on the Asian markets for the automotive, electronics, home care and personal care sectors and on formulations for oil extraction and agriculture. At that time there was no direct distribution system between the manufacturer and the printers. Usually my weekly bullet journal layout can handle the tasks I have, but since the school year started I’ve needed to adapt my style a little bit – more on that later – in my trusty Rhodia notebook.

In that spirit, Rhodia and I have been having fun partnering so we’re back with another bullet journal giveaway! Update: October 7, Rhodia. Two borthers, Henri and Robert Verilhac, founded "Papeteries Verilhac freres" in Lyon in Being from a family in the paper business, this was a natural.

The company moved from Lyon to Sechilienne, near Grenoble, for operational reasons.

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This moved enabled the company to be closer to the paper factories of France. Colorful hard cover journals with dot grid or lined 90g ivory paper.

Rhodia Webnotebook with 90g Paper

Colorful hard cover journals with dot grid or lined 90g ivory paper. Skip to content. Added to your cart. Qty: You don't have any items in your cart. Rhodia Webnotebooks. Colorful hard cover journals with dot grid or lined 90g ivory paper.

14 products. Rhodia Medium. Rhodia’s Premium paper is some of my favourite paper out there for fountain pen nuts. Rhodia Premium “R” Paper is the higher end version of their paper, and it’s. As if you couldnt already tell from the review, I really like this Rhodia Webnotebook with 90g Paper.

You can see that Woody is a big fan as well. If you used the previous 80g Rhodia Webnotebook, then this is a must have for you. Clairefontaine has been making paper in France sinceand Rhodia has been making paper (also in France) since InClairefontaine bought Rhodia.

Their products have been long established so the brands are separate, but Clairefontaine is the parent company.

Rhodia paper
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